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Jug Rack (Custom-made)


Sturdy and durable jug racks ✅


Anti-rust coating

Solid steel frame



(Please see photo)


For assistance on your own custom-made designs and sizes, or for questions, message us on our Facebook page @homemotoph or contact us at 0977-124-4941


STURDY & DURABLE – This water bottle rack is made of premium steel with a corrosion-resistant silver coating, that is both heavy-duty and strong load-bearing capacity while guaranteeing a long product lifespan.

COMPACT & ELEGANT – With the compact structure and elegant appearance, this water bottle storage rack is an ideal organization solution for offices, gyms, lounges, break rooms, kitchens, storerooms, garages, etc.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE & DETACHABLE – The water jug holder is easy to assemble due to its stable structure and adjustable height. Each tier is detachable, in case you need to place them in different location.

TIME & LABOR-SAVING – Stacking the kettles on the shelf can maximize space and effectively keep the business area clean and orderly. This convenient storage method allows you to order several bottles of water at once.

HOLDS 3 & 5 GALLON BOTTLES – This water jug stand provides a handy and safe storage system for both 3-gallon and 5-gallon water cooler bottles. It is also easier to access the bottles and easy to get in and out.


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